6 Signs You Have Termites in Your Home

The biggest problem with termites is that you may not realize you’ve got an infestation until the damage is well underway. From strange noises to unexplained structures in your home, we’ll show you seven signs to watch out for so you can stop a termite infestation before it gets out of control.

What Do Termites Look Liketermite

Depending on their role in the colony and their age, termites can look very different. Generally, you’ll want to look for insects that look like white ants with tan-colored heads. During certain seasons, termites will grow wings to seek out new territory. As such, they often get mistaken for flying ants. There’s a quick way to tell the difference: look at the wing to body ratio. Flying ants have two sets of wings, and one will be bigger than the other. And the wingspan compared to the length of the ant will be closer. On the other hand, termites have two sets of wings with equal wingspans, and these wings will appear much longer than the insect’s body length.

How To Tell If You Have Termites

There are many ways to tell if you have termites in your house. Here are seven of the most common symptoms.

1. Damaged Wood

This is the warning sign most people are familiar with. Termites eat wood fibers, so one of the most obvious signs of their presence is damaged wood. The trail they leave behind will look like long narrow tubes.

2. Termite Tubes

Not all termites create these structures. Subterranean termites love to use mud as a way to protect themselves and their eggs. They also use tubes as a termite highway to safely travel from one part of the colony to the other. These structures will often appear on the corners and walls of your house. The texture looks similar to that of damp sand you might use to build a sandcastle at the beach. If you spot a termite tube, do not hesitate to call pest control. By the time you’ve spotted the tube, the infestation is already very advanced.

3. Swarming Or Wingstermite damage

As mentioned above, termites will send out scouts or “swarmers” to look for a new territory for a colony. If you notice a swarm of flying insects in your home, take a closer look and see if they’re ants or termites. Also, once these scouts have found what they’re looking for, they’ll discard their wings. If you notice many wings without insects attached, chances are it’s time to call termite control.

4. Knock, Knock

If you knock on your walls or door, and it sounds hollow, you could have termite damage. The bugs devour the wood from the inside out, and as they carve out their tunnels, you’ll notice a distinct change in how sound travels through these surfaces. If the damage is pervasive, you may even notice the wood crumbles with little pressure applied.

5. Strange Noises

As if termites aren’t creepy enough, you can actually hear them chewing your house! If you suspect you have termites, gently place your ear against the surface of your wall or door. If you can hear a clicking sound, it’s a good indicator you’ve got termites.

6. Feces

Termite feces, or “frass,” resembles a pile of sawdust or birdseed, so take action if you notice these little mounds. These frass piles are also very close to the “kick-out hole,” where worker termites will remove the waste from the wall and drop it on the ground. Your first reaction upon finding a pile of termite droppings may be to clean it up. However, it’s best to leave it until an exterminator inspects your property. These piles make it easy to locate the kick-out hole, and if they can locate the kick-out hole, they can get to the heart of the colony for a faster extermination.

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