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Alabama is lucky because, unlike our northern neighbors, our winters experience warm, mild weather from the gulf. However, one of the trade-offs of living in a climate with forgiving winters means we experience cockroaches more frequently. Understanding these critters’ life cycle, where they like to live, and what kinds are native to the area will help you prevent infestations and a call to roach control.

Types of Roaches in Alabama

Several cockroaches invade Alabama interiors, but brown-banded and German cockroaches are the most common and the most annoying.

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German Cockroach

Adults are 1⁄2 to 5⁄8 inch long. Coloring ranges from pale brown or tan with two parallel black streaks on the shield. The females of this species are different from other cockroaches because they carry their eggs with them instead of laying and leaving them.

Brownbanded Cockroach

These roaches like to live in furniture and appliance, and the males can fly inside warm apartments and houses. Their name comes from the fact they have yellowish-brown bands that run down their backs.

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Roach Life Cycle

There are three stages of a roach’s life cycle: egg, nymph, and adult. Most female cockroaches create a leathery egg sack or “ootheca” that protects their eggs until they hatch. (Except for the German cockroach, as we’ve discussed.) These oothecae contain anywhere from 20 – 50 eggs, which is why roach eradication is so important. A female German cockroach can produce as many as seven egg cases in her life. If you don’t control an infestation as soon as you can, you’ll have hundreds of roaches before you know it.

Once the roach eggs hatch, the nymphs resemble tiny versions of adult roaches, minus wings. After molting several times and growing bigger, they will reach adulthood and produce 6 – 8 generations of new roaches.

Where Roaches Thrive

There are several ways to combat current and future roach infestations. Roaches love messy areas where there are ample food sources. While they can survive a bit without food, chances are you’ll find them inside cabinets, cupboards, the pantry, and appliances where they can be warm, safe, and get to crumbs and food waste. Make sure to take out the trash, sweep, vacuum, and mop regularly to make your home an uninviting place for roaches. In addition to eliminating food sources, don’t leave standing water in sinks or soaking dishes for long periods, and try not to overwater your house plants. Roaches easily capitalize on these pooling water sources. If you notice a plumbing leak, especially under sinks, be sure to address it quickly. Lastly, roaches also love messes outside of the kitchen. Allowing clutter like newspapers, bags, and clothing to accumulate on the floor provides dark, hidden areas where they can survive undetected.

Why Roach Prevention Matters

For most people, the number one reason we want roaches gone is that they are bugs! No one wants disgusting bugs crawling around their home! But beyond the yuck factor, cockroaches can cause serious problems for humans and belongings. They love to chew things like fabric and book bindings, their dropping cause respiratory problems, and they release oils that give off bad odors. Thankfully, there are various methods for eliminating roaches, including dusting, spraying, sticky traps, and more.

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