Fascinating Facts That Make Alabama Cockroaches So Indestructible

There is an old joke that if the end of the world shall come, Alabama cockroaches would be the last living creature on earth. This is because cockroaches can live pretty much anywhere, at any time, and with almost no food. These nondestructive creatures may seem quite vile, but they are actually pretty fascinating. They are more intelligent than you may think, fast, and have learned to adapt in many ways no other creature on the planet has. Perhaps in this day and age of a global pandemic, humans could learn a thing or two about these enigmatic creatures. Take a journey with us and discover everything you ever wanted to know about cockroaches.

Cockroaches are Timeless

It’s no wonder these frightful insects have been able to adapt to different environments. They have been on this planet longer than most other species. Three hundred and eighty million years to be exact. Cockroaches have learned to fit in with their surroundings and alter their food chain to coincide with new habitats, including right here in Mobile, Alabama.

Cockroaches Can Be Found Just About Everywhere

Of the four thousand different cockroaches in the world, only ten of them live near humans. Cockroaches can be found on all continents except Antarctica. They can also fit into the tiniest spaces. These captivating creatures are extremely flexible. They can spread their legs and flatten their exoskeletons to fit into the smallest gaps and spaces about a quarter of their size.

They Can Survive Without Eating for Long Periods of Time

Cockroaches are cold-blooded. Therefore they do not need to eat as much as warm-blooded animals. They can live up to an entire month without eating. Can you imagine not eating for that long? Sounds painful. They are, however, extremely sensitive to dehydration. They cannot survive longer than a week without water. Even just a few days without water can make a cockroach weak and lethargic.

The Female Cockroach Can Remain Fertile

Fascinatingly, a female cockroach only needs to mate once to become fertile. Once she has mated, she has the ability to fertilize her eggs for the rest of her life. This is great news for the female and the cockroach population but sad news for the poor male.

The Headless Cockroach

Probably the most fascinating fact about a cockroach is that they can live without their head. No, this isn’t a scene from a horror movie. This is real life. A cockroaches’ control center is not in their brain, and they have an open circulatory system where they breathe through small holes in each segment of their body. This ensures that a female cockroach can still lay eggs and procreate for the next generation. The only reason a headless cockroach would die is due to dehydration.

So, it is quite possible that if the end of the world comes, the cockroach may survive. It is very adaptable and has navigated itself through various scenarios. It also makes controlling and stopping cockroaches very difficult.

How To Prevent Roaches In Your Home?

The best way to prevent cockroaches from entering your Alabama home is to practice prevention. Target your kitchen, pantry, and any place where you and your family regularly eat. Sweep up any crumbs on counters and floors, vacuum if necessary. Clean up any leftover food and wipe down any messes. Go through your pantry to make sure all of your food is properly sealed. Make sure you regularly remove any trash from your home, keeping it a tight-sealed container far from any entrances to your home. Finally, keep an eye on your pet food. Try not to leave it out for too long during the day and properly store it at night. Be sure to check all seals and cracks around your home. Keep your basements, attics, and crawl spaces well ventilated and dry.

Get Professional Roach Control From Bama Pest Pest Control

Lastly, call in a professional. While these little buggers are pretty fascinating, they are still gross and can cause upper respiratory issues for you or your family. Bama Pest Control Inc. takes roach control seriously. We offer several options for all customer needs. This includes seasonal, six-month, or annual services. Learn more about our roach control services on our website now, call us at 251-478-7015 or contact us here.

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